Ben May 30th January 2015

401666_10150692050752614_163273697613_7891418_2064960895_n 545815_10150692047372614_163273697613_7891402_1114734338_n16TH PLACE, FASTEST LAP ON SATURDAY AND VICTORY ON SUNDAY.

The Brands Hatch 200 Euro Racecar Series had the first brazilian driver on the grid, Adriano Medeiros, and the results were great.

The championship consist on a sprint race on saturday for each class and the endurance race on sunday. There are two classes Elite and Open. Adriano Medeiros raced on the Open class alongside Carole Perrin on the Elite class. The team was Autorsport 42 Chevrolet Camaro.

On Friday there was the qualifying for the sprint race, unfortunatelly rain during the qualifying and Adriano Medeiros had 15 minutes to learn how the car works on the wet and qualify the car. The brazilian driver put the car on 9th for the sprint race.

The start of the race had feew incidents and the driver went down to 11th, then after the fastest lap of the race and feew overtakes Adriano Medeiros finish in a great 6th place. “I was well please with my performance after the lap times I had, and top 10 was a good achievements for my first time. There was 23 cars on the grid.

Sunday the weather was good and the rain stay away from Brands Hatch, the endurance race is a 40 minutes race. The Elite drivers start the race and there are a pitstop half way through. Each class have theire segment of the race, So the elite segment of the race finish

The Autosport 42 team did a great job during the driver change sending Adriano Medeiros to 2nd place for the start of his segment of the race. on the first corner the brazilian driver didnt waist time and overtook the leader and then open a gap of 12s a head of the field. The end was great for the driver.

First place on his debut on the Euro Racecar Series, ” The Autosport 42 team was a great team during the whole weekend I cannot thanks then enough for the oportunity and the car they gave me.

It was a great start for the driver and Hopefully to see more in 2012 for Adriano Medeiros

GOd bless you!

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