Jesus Saves racing is back after 33 years

Ben May 29th January 2015

After thirty three years away the ‘Jesus Saves’ team that former F1 driver Alex Ribeiro founded is back in competition – and will be fielding the same Van Diemen RF79 that Fernando Ribeiro raced in 1979. As the team returns it does so with the oversight and blessing of Alex and Fernando Ribeiro as well as the entire original team (most of which are a part of the current team). ‘Jesus Saves’ returns with the same vision that Alex had – to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ both to motor sport and through it to the wider world.

The team’s return has been made possible by a number of sponsors. We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Christianity Explored, Christian Vision for Men (CVM), Sorted, Revive Christian Holiday Conference and Direct Auto Products (see below/website).

Carl Beech (CVM) has that ‘Jesus Saves Racing’ is “An iconic team with a life changing message” and Andrew Wingfield Digby (founding director of Christians in Sport) has said “Alex Ribeiro’s Jesus Saves Racing team was…was used by God to be an important part of the birth of sports ministry in the UK.”

Alex Ribeiro says, “I’m very glad with the news about the rebirth of the Jesus Saves Racing Team…The new beginning is driven by a higher purpose planted in the hearts of a new generation eager to bring everlasting principles, hope and joy.. For me it is the birth of the kind of legacy I always dreamed of leaving for the generations to come.” Alex Ribeiro former F1 driver and founder of the Jesus Saves Racing Team in 1978.

‘Jesus Saves’ starts where it left off and so will compete in the pre ’82 ‘Classic Formula Ford’ championship. The team is made up primarily of volunteers from the motor sport world. Please see the website for team personnel. As the team’s driver for 2013 Adriano Medeiros will continue ‘Jesus Saves’’ Anglo-Brazilian team and driver combination.

We would be most pleased and grateful if you could make the above information known. There is more on the website but please do contact us if you require further information or historic pictures for articles from the team by calling Alvin Davies on 07866 413409 (Team Manager and Chaplain) or Adriano Medeiros on 07782 193073 (Driver and Director of Racing).

We look forward to our return with anticipation. We invite you to come and spend a day with us at the team’s expense this year, we will have BBQ, tea and coffee on the go.

God bless,

Alvin Davies.

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