Very interesting 2014 so far

Ben May 29th January 2015

2014-02-12-07.46.20 2014-02-12-08.17.14 F-TYPE-R_Track_088 IMAG04432014 without racing seemed to be an empty year.

There is no a lot of running outlook for this year put the year started well with sensational works .

Primeio one direction of Ice event in Finalandia for Jaguar . Something that had not even made ​​my experience of motoring not let me embarrassment and had the honor of working with Rally drivers with much experience .

It was something sensational customers had a great time and I had the opportunity to drive on ice some very interesting cars like the Evoque , Jaguar F Type, Jaguar XJ .

But do not stop there , I was invited to particapar the global launch of the new F Type Coupe V8 , the event was in Spain at the Motorland circuit.

A very nice track to drive and fun , before talking about the car should point out that I am not a journalist but a pilot. So I will be objective and simple , every sports car should be developed on the track and must undoubtedly have ascentuadas sports characteristics in the case of Jaguar F Type Coupe V8 not missed . The car is very fast has 550CV of power We’d come down the line more than 250km / h .

The car is very good with several adjustment options , giving more freedom with regard to control traction and stability you can have a quieter car well intereferencia technology and consequently insurance or a more aggressive fast without any intereferencia . But I must say that all off and walk on the edge and a pleasure without explanation .

And finally my start 2014 without racing I started working for McLaren in the new event 650S a car that in my view and , if not the best one of the best sports cars. McLaren and a company with over 50 years of experience in motorsport would not be surprising that their sports cars would be sensational.

I was able to give instructions and guide the car in Spa , Brands Hatch , Silverstone and the Top Gear track .

Well I have much to thank God for the year 2014 finally not have is not as bad races as well . Especially to me that work in racing here in England 12 years and I can say that I have more track time that very renowned pilot. And most interesting of all this and that , what more me proud and the fact that he won it all for own merits and not to have a dollar stuffed pocket and can run out of everything because I could afford to walk.

But do not want to fail to thank God who gave me this far a sensational life.

A hug to all and hope to put more post of my adventures here .

Adriano Medeiros

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