Ben May 11th December 2014

BrandsHatch3It has been a great year for us. No doubt it was a difficult one as We face few challenges.

Since Snetterton on the beginning of the season for JSR I didn’t post anything here. But Now I am back here with great news.

The JSR Team finish 2013 with the best position as possible. After loosing three races at the beginning of the championship We came back and end up with the big prize.

There was 6 victories, 6 fastests laps, and 4 poles.

The most interesting thing is that for the last 10 years I’ve been working in the industry and I’ve been racing in some races, coaching some drivers and pairing with others. But this year was the first time I contest a championship myself. There was a team working in my car and I only had to go there and drive with the best of my ability.

It is a very difficult job to do, to be a champion in any motorsport category or level there is a lot of work to do. I have lost 9kg in weight and I have been doing this with the best of my professionalism. It pay at the end.



I have to Thank GOD in first place for the opportunity to drive the Jesus Saves Racing Car, Then the whole team for the hard work put in to this.

I want to thank the partners: Christianity Explored, Revive, CVM, The good book, Sorted Magazine.

Thanks to: BLR Engineering, TP Cats, and the whole team.

GOD bless you all

Adriano Medeiros

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